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photoblog image Ice-cream Thief
vintage from Australia 8 Oct 2010, 01:16
Good capture of colour and detail
Amanda Twigg: Thanks, Its not a brilliant shot, i rushed to get it as my hubby and I were sat eating our ice creams at the time. This cheeky little bird hopped down and pinched some LOL!!

Mary MacADNski from Prince Edward Island 8 Oct 2010, 09:50
Very good detail here.
Amanda Twigg: thanks, see note above.

rémy fernandes from France 24 Oct 2010, 16:46
nice details in the movment

vintage from Australia 3 Dec 2010, 07:49
Great capture

Aussie from a very wet rocky 3 Dec 2010, 09:52
Looks like he is taking a drink, the ice cream looks like a splash as the beak hits the water.

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Charles Dastodd from United States 3 Dec 2010, 17:55
awww, how adorable! beautiful!

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